Deep, Dark, Joyous Future

At one point in the history of the world, humanity lived in fear. A raw, aching, empty fear of science and THE scientists. People feared that a group of the brightest and best that would conquer the world. Clones of superiority for both men and women. A marketable creature that would know and do the best for mankind. A graven image of God, the image of man.

The federal government put a stop to that.

No more does this race need to worry about being overthrown by the smartest. By clones of Entrepreneurs or politicians or the military.

Fear of being overthrown should now be by the stupidest.

George III was cloned eighteen years ago by frivolity financial corporation. Purpose, stated simply, was to control the growth of humanity by engineering subhumans to do basic tasks.

Even more simply: Jr. doesn’t need to work at a fast food restaurant, Jr. just needs to stay above minimal functionality and the world will be his oyster.

Each human has been provided an id10t prototype to do their mundane chores. Don’t like laundry? Have id10t work on it. Don’t like landscaping? Have id10t do it (just don’t give him a shovel).

Laziness is born, not bred.

Prototype id10t had its flaws, though. Id10t uses its massive lack of brain cells to network. That’s what the stupid people always did, network. Nobody noticed at first. Nobody saw a salesman amongst the retarded. Nobody saw the genius who just happened to be 5’8″, with the same type of face, the same distant eyes, the same half-smile. Nobody noticed him walking among them … until it was too late.

Even with only one fifth of a vote, with every family being provided one of these, Juan has twenty percent of the vote. Throw in a few Unions of the dumbest and worst and there you are.

Juan will run the world on the, quite literally, frivolity party ticket.

A corporation has unintentionally bought a government, but why?

It became clear a few months ago. The corporation runs the government much more efficiently. Death to those who do not submit. Plastic smiles are the norm. All intelligence is voided by decree 410-b. Only programmers for frivolity are exempt.

Frivolity now has all the government contracts, including the social one. The people eat this up. The people love it. The people are shells. Frivolity now owns the airwaves. Nothing but I love the 80’s on all channels all the time. Books are not allowed, but nobody even misses the absence. They are all noise-aholics.

Turn the television up, for that sweet sound. Avoid thought and let it go. The only thing left to entrepreneurs is prostitution, male or female. The one thing you can still own is your body, up until the age of 65, at least.

Juan has an ingenious solution to welfare. Thanks to social security cards, frivolity knows the age and expected life span of Grandma. Grandma hits that mark, and she is removed and her parts are reborn into another project. Food shortage? Grandma makes great veal.

Of course, there are protestors, but they are being hunted down as we speak. Juan knows best. Frivolity is taking care of the world. Everyone has personal slaves. At least everyone who is not one. And the slaves? They’re the happiest of all. They were bred to be

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