Demand Studios Continues Mass Firings, This Time with Freelance Titlers Losing Their Jobs

Last month, Demand Studios, one of the internet’s largest content farms and slammed by Google for its poor quality, laid off thousands of Demand writers. The firings came with no notice, with writers simply being told “We no longer require your services”. Thanks, and don’t let the door hit you in the a** on the way out.

This week, Demand Studios has again pushed through a round of firings, this time with many of their titlers being fired. And yes, again there was no warning, with people who have been working for Demand for two years or more in some cases, waking up and trying to log into their accounts only to find their accounts locked or “suspended” and their services no longer required. Titlers, by the way, are people who check Demand titles to see if they’re writeable before they’re released for writers to write. Some of them make hundreds and thousands of dollars a month, so to overnight find out your services are no longer needed will be financially devastating to many of them.

However, although this latest round of Demand Studios firings has been shocking to so many, to many others it hasn’t been shocking at all. Demand has always had little regard for the people they pay (writers, titlers, content editors) and has always fired at will before. The only difference now is, instead of just one or two people being let go at a time, Demand’s mass firings are affecting thousands.

An even more fascinating thing is how Demand Studios is trying to quell negative comments about thousands of people being fired in their forums. Almost as fast as writers and titlers are posting on one of their forums to complain, or to ask what’s going on, Demand moderators are coming along and deleting the posts. It seems they may not understand the word is already out — all over the internet — so trying to hide that Demand Studios is in major trouble isn’t likely to be effective.

In fact, the website DemandStudiosSucks has been predicting Demand Studios demise for months and, in the last few weeks, many of their predictions have come true. With titlers now being fired, comments are popping up all over DemandStudiosSucks from titlers who have been let go this week and what they’re saying…..well….it ain’t pretty.

Meanwhile, if you’re still one of those few people that stll has a job at Demand (I do, but I refuse to write for a site that treats the people who work for it so abysmally), my recommendation is diversify, diversify, diversify and only write at Demand as a last resort. That way, when you do get let go, you won’t be counting on that money to pay bills.

After all, as all evidence now points to, there isn’t a single job that’s safe at Demand, except for the handful of people at the top who, from all the information out there, continue to make tens of millions of dollars while firing the people making peanuts.

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