Demon Kid

Demon kid

Lives and breathes quid

Keeps squid in back pocket

For when bicycle skids

Demon kid

Little bitch

Why so much malice

On one little finger

You’re rough and tumble

But you’re no Alice

Is that you in there?

The one born in six months

The one born of great heights

Gorgeous and hollow

Nothin’ but leg

Disease is born in flesh

Begins in your mind

Your repulsion

Quite indulgent

Stems from lack of blood-lust for us

Makes our behavior reckless

How’s that power feel?

Is that you in there?

Love is losing cause it never was

Thinks the dying man who still has heart

As they all turn their heads like cobras

Hell-bent on murder by stares and shoulders

Weaponless kill tastes sweeter

Than physical blood ever did

Thinks the demon kid

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