Depression Myth: Depressed People Are Attention Seekers

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Here are some of the common myths shared by many Montrealers

If you have a bad day it means that you are depressed

Every one can have a bad day. Short periods of sadness is not considered to be depression. Also, some sadness is normal. It is perfectly normal to fell sad, disappointed over losing a job. It is normal to grieve over the loss of a or a loved one. Depression, is a constant feeling of despair, extreme sadness, loss of hope and desire that goes on for at least two weeks. This feeling, many times, can not be substantiated by a single environmental factor. Oftentimes people who are depressed just lose their zest for life and really do not know why they are depressed. With therapy, these people can learn more about themselves and what are the factors which are triggering their depression.

People who are depressed are just looking for attention

That too is false. Many times depressed individuals hide their feelings for fear of being ridiculed or they have given up on life and just do not see the point. Many people remain undiagnosed because they do not go for therapy, thinking that too is a useless waste of time. Many depressed individuals are not looking for attention but they need attention.

Here are some centers in Montreal for the treatment of depression

The Montreal Center for Anxiety and Depression
Montreal Clinic for Therapy Services

Interested individuals can seek hospital services and outpatient clinics around the city

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