Depression Myth: You Will Be on Medication for Life

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Here are some of the common myths shared by many Montrealers

Only people who have lost all will to live are depressed

People generally feel that depression is only depression when it is most severe. That simply is not the case. There is several types of depression which are mild, moderate, or severe. People also feel that depression hits you overnight.

That also is not true. Depression can happen so slowly the you may not recognize the symptoms. First you might just not feel like doing the social activities you are used to doing, then you may not want to try new things and soon you find you are not interested in associating with your friends and so on. Dysthemia is a chronic form of depression that lasts for years. It is a mild form of general malaise that can interfere with your choices and success in life.

Prozac Nation

When you are depressed you will be pumped up with drugs for life. This is not true. Drug therapy is the therapy used for clinic depression. People who experience mild to moderate depression are helped by the various forms of talk therapy. These people do not use drugs at all.

Even people who have a chemical imbalance in the brain that require drug therapy do not have to take drugs for the rest of their lives. Some depressions require a very short period for drug therapy.

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Here are some centers in Montreal for the treatment of depression

The Montreal Center for Anxiety and Depression
Montreal Clinic for Therapy Services

Interested individuals can seek hospital services and outpatient clinics around the city

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