Design Styles: Steampunk Home Decor

A recent trend in home decor has been the look of steampunk style home accessories and decor. Steampunk home accessories tend to lend a hand to the past, which makes this decor style incredibly appealing to a number of generations old and young. It should be noted that steampunk is more than just brass and gear parts, to some people it’s a way of life in many aspects: their home decor, their clothing and so forth.

Materials Commonly Seen in Steampunk Decor

Steampunk decor tends to revolve around vintage and industrial pieces, as well as the occasional natural piece. For example, in a steampunk decorated home, you may see burlap or thick woven linen for on upholstered furnitures, throw pillows or as bedding.

Furnitures may be made from old metals, which may or may not have a rusted or patina look to them. Reclaimed materials in general are typically good for furnitures, especially reclaimed wood. For example, in a steampunk home, a console table might be made with a reclaimed top and wrought iron legs. Antique furnitures and other vintage home accessories are also perfect for steampunk decor.

Other materials that work well for steampunk decor include steel, brass, cork and glass.

Color Schemes for Steampunk Home Decor

Typically the steampunk home features subdued and muted tones. However, autumn colors such as deep reds, burnt orange and mustard yellow are also common in this style. For a steampunk styled room, you should move toward warm browns and brass colors. If you’re unsure what colors work best, find some home accessories that you enjoy in the style, then pull a color scheme from them.

Other hues that work well in this style include shades of gray, black, off-white and metallic hues such as brass, gold and silver.

Wall Art and Home Accessories

Wall art for steampunk home decor is surprisingly easy. Typically, metal wall art made from machine pieces, such as watch gears or clock gears, are perfect for this style. Wall clocks that visually display the gears are also ideal.

Choosing home accessories for a steampunk home is also surprisingly easy. Vintage pieces, such as old radios, gas lamps or lanterns all work perfectly for this style of decor. Don’t be afraid to get creative, as steampunk is all about reusing and reworking things to fit a new purpose. For example, a set of large, flat gears could become charger plates.

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