Detective Fusco Redeems Himself on ‘Person of Interest’

Detective Fusco (Kevin Chapman) has been slowly building up his good guy cred throughout the first season of CBS’s “Person of Interest”. Even though he’s been dirty, he has been doing all the right things. Sure, he complains, but he always gets the job done. In the episode “Blue Code,” we find out just how good he really is. We realize the chances he is willing to take, albeit while complaining the entire time, and how far he will actually go to save lives. Yep, Fusco basically wants to be a good man.

Fusco completes a nearly impossible mission

Finch (Michael Emerson) gives Fusco a difficult and dangerous mission. The mission requires breaking into a highly secure area to shred a document. Initially, Fusco complains, but also knows that it’s the only way to save a good undercover cop from a very tragic end. He follows the rules, and completes his mission. Fans will want to give him a nice gold star on his “likable character” résumé for that one.

Fusco is willing to die for the cause

When things go south in the course of completing his mission, Fusco faces certain death. Reese (Jim Caviezel) is his only hope, but Reese is off saving other people. Even when he is about to die, Fusco seems to accept his fate. He is willing to die a hero, even if nobody knows it. Fusco gets a double gold star on his “likable character” résumé.

Fusco is willing to give up his good guy persona for the cause

Reese won’t let Fusco off that easy. It’s not enough that Fusco has been completing dangerous missions, risking his life for the cause, and becoming another of our heroes. Reese needs Fusco to get closer to the dirty cops, so that’s the mask Fusco must wear.

Fans have been watching for awhile now. Initially, Fusco didn’t seem like much of a character. We weren’t sure whether he could be trusted. He has slowly shown us that he can be trusted, and now he has shown us that he’s as much of a hero as Reese and Finch. He truly belongs on the team.

It’s disappointing to think that he now has to go back to being labeled a dirty cop. All he is left with is a good feeling in knowing he did the right thing, while everyone else will think of him as dirty. The only people who know the truth are the ones who pushed him to take on that dirty cop persona in the first place. Fusco gets to keep his gold stars.

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