Different Snowboarding Bandanas

Snowboarders use bandanas for a variety of reasons, but primarily to protect their face and for fashion. A bandana is worn just like the stagecoach robbers in the old west, these bandanas drape around the snowboarder’s face and tie in the back. Some of the more expensive bandanas provide other ways to tie these devices, such as Velcro or buttons. The type of bandana you choose depends on what you want from the bandana. Here are some bandanas that will interest you.

DAKINE Hood-Lum Bandana

The DAKINE Hood-Lum bandana comes in three different designs and a typical bandana. It is square in shape and folds over to make a triangle. Priced at around $18, this inexpensive bandana has enough room to tie in the back without it being too tight around the nose and face. One of the Hood-Lum bandanas has a picture design, making it stand out from the other bandanas. All the Dakine bandana’s are made from quick-drying polyester.

DC Auli Bandana

One of the most popular bandanas on the market today is the DC Auli bandana. It comes in six different colors, including a camo design. What makes this bandana different from the rest is the tie back. One long string on either side of the bandana allows you to easily tie this bandana around the back of your neck. The brushed-back material, made from 95 percent polyester and five percent spandex, will make it comfortable and still allow you to breathe. As of the time of this publication, the DC Auli bandana was selling for $15.

Celtek Script Bandana

The Celtek script bandana is one of the most economical bandanas on the market. Selling for around $12, this bandana is your standard square shape with the Celtek name listed on the cotton poplin material. It comes in three different colors. It is large enough to fit easily around your face and be tied in the back. The biggest different between this bandana and the rest is the price.

Neff Bandarama Facemask

The Neff Bandanarama is a combination facemask and bandana. The bandana was designed specifically for the face. The Neff is triangular in shape, with long back tie strings extending from the edges. This bandana is one of the more expensive bandanas and will run you about $22. It comes in three different colors. What makes it stand out from the other bandanas is the snug fit it provides. The bandana is made of 96 percent polyester and four percent spandex makes the Neff Bandanarama a nice snowboarding accessory.

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