Disappointment with This Season of “True Blood”

True Blood has been one of my favorite series on Primetime HBO since it aired. The previous seasons didn’t entirely follow the idea of the books but before I didn’t feel like characters were compromised the way they were this season. First of all, Sookie was able to forgive Bill in a matter of almost minutes for the lies he told her and the fact that he had the ‘rats’ beat her almost to death to ensure that she would drink his blood the night they met, making her fall in love with him. This is totally unrealistic. The character that is ‘sookie’ wouldn’t have forgiven so easily (at least the character we have all grown to love in the books). Also, her relationship with Eric was highly underplayed in my opinion and simply didn’t last long enough because she decided she still has feelings for the guy who almost had her murdered. (Not a lot of sense to be made from this).

Also, they drug out Jason getting bit by a ‘werepanther’ only to find out that he didn’t even turn into one. This is going to cause misplaces story lines for the rest of the seasons to follow in accordance with the books. I don’t understand where Alan Ball is going with Jason’s story lines. It just seems to me that he is dragging out nonsense and leaving little or nothing to do with Jason’s character for the next season. During the finale, Jason is greeted by Steve Newlan who has become a vampire. I can tell that this idea is going to go nowhere judging by the way he checked out Jason naked while he was standing in the doorway. If he isn’t back for revenge, I doubt any of that story will make a bit of sense, much like a lot of what happened this season.

Also, isn’t TRUE BLOOD supposed to be about vampires? Why is there so little of them in the series then? There are few vampires that we actually get to see in the series and many story lines dealing with vampires were neglected this season. A lot of the fight scenes in the book associated with this season were highly underplayed and shortened, leaving more room for Arlene to complain about just about everything and deal with her ‘possessed’ baby. Is that entire plot really necessary? I think not. Stick the vampire stuff, even the other supernatural stuff if you must, but why waste so much time on boring scenes with characters that are less than appealing?

To set the record straight, I am still a huge True Blood fan but my liking is starting to stay more with the books than with the series. Though the other seasons have been great, this one missed the entire concept by a long shot. I just hope that next season he will be able to do something to turn it around.

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