DIY Bedroom Decorating – Making a Headboard Out of Coke Crates

Headboards are a wonderful way to add a focal point while enhancing the appearance and storage capabilities of your bedroom. Utilizing a headboard may be ideal if you have a smaller bedroom, but lots of stuff. Although you may purchase a premade headboard, if you wish to create a unique and visually interesting addition to your bedroom then you should consider a Coke crate headboard. Coke crates are readily accessible, and this low-cost DIY project can create texture, layers and storage while giving your bedroom a truly customized appearance.

The first step in creating a Coke crate headboard is figuring out the total number of Coke crates you’ll need. To do this, you need to determine the average size of a Coke crate.

The measurements for a Coke crate can slightly vary; however, most Coke crates measure 12-inches tall, 11-inches wide and 16-inches tall.

Using these measurements, if your bed stands 2-feet tall and 4-feet wide and you want the headboard be at least 3-feet above the top of your mattress, then you would require roughly 20 Coke crates.

Don’t know where to find Coke crates? A good idea is to visit a local grocery store or convenience store and ask the manager if he has any Coke crates that aren’t in use. Offer to purchase the crates if he seems wary.

The next step is to ensure you have all the materials required for this project. Typically, you’ll need zip-ties to secure the crates together; however, you may also use a hot glue gun for a more permanent hold. Using the measurements above, if you have 20 Coke crates, then you’ll need a minimum of 31 zip-ties.

After you have gathered your materials, move your bed out of the way so you have plenty of room to fashion the headboard. Okay, now on to the fun part:

Place the first two foundational crates side-by-side. Secure these crates together by tying a zip-tie to their sides. If you’re using glue, add a thin layer of hot glue along the side of one crate and push the other crate into the glue. Repeat in attaching a third and fourth crate. At the end, you will have a row of four Coke crates fashioned together side-by-side.

Now, begin to make the headboard taller by adding the second layer of crates. Using the 5th Coke crate, put it directly on top of the crate on the far-left. Secure this crate to the one underneath it with a zip-tie or hot glue. Then attach the 6th crate beside the 5th one and secure it to the crate beside and below it.

Repeat this process until you have used all the crates required to make the headboard.

Carefully move the Coke crate headboard against the wall and position your bed in front of it. If you desire a smooth top on the top of the crate headboard, attach a piece of felt or cardboard to the top of the headboard.

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