DIY Celebrity Nail Trends: Nail Art, Crackle, Rebellious and Greige

Let’s talk celebrity nails and how we can get them ourselves. These celeb nail trends are smokin’ and have me ecstatic to try them. Celebrities are not the only ones who get to look fabulous! There’s no need for a salon either. Give yourself a manicure and save the cash. Spend your dollars on a collection of colors rather than having one professional manicure. I enjoy doing my nails, shopping for new colors and trying the latest craze.

Nail Art

Nail art is a hot Hollywood trend at the present. Rihanna, Fergie, Lady Gaga and Adele are among some of celebs being spotted with rockin’ nail art. I’m looking forward to trying the paint dipped tip design with an array of bright colors over a black base. Nail art is an eccentric trend not to be overlooked. Create your own art or replicate that of a celebrity. Try sequins, glitter or nail gems. Don’t go with anything too heavy, as the polish won’t be strong enough to keep it in place. Bejewel one nail on each hand to create the rebellious nail look.

The Rebellious Nail

The rebellious nail, also known as one nail different, has been spotted on celebrities such as Vanessa Hudgens, Kelly Rowland and Rumer Willis. Celebs have been wearing a different color nail polish on one finger per hand since 2011 began. Jessica Alba started the rebellious nail trend with eight gray nails and two maroon. For my rebellious nail look, I painted my nails purple since I was wearing a purple shirt that day. My thumbs were rebellious and got a shimmering black stripe down the middle. The next day, I realized my nails had a Gothic vampire look going on. Without the purple shirt to match the polish, it gave my nails a different aura. Consider purple polish with one black zebra stripe when dressing up in a purple vampire costume. Match it with a purple and black vampire wig and your ready for twilight. Which of your nails will rebel and how will they be different? This style is great because you can mix it up any way you’d like.


crackle, also known as shatter, is an impressive trend that is easy to create. OPI features a Katy Perry collection of five nail polishes, one of which is a black shatter. I picked up several limited edition black crackle polishes by Sinful Colors. I’ve told you about Sinful Colors before, they are fabulous. For $1 to $2 per nail color, Sinful Colors offers a sweet deal that can’t be beat. My nails are going to be painted with Sinful colors in Courtney Orange and Black Crackle, which is a perfect combination for the fall. Another sizzling option is to use a metallic polish with the crackle. The crackle goes over the base color once it is completely dry.


Greige was the hardest celeb nail trend for me to get use to. At first glance, it appeared bland and boring to me. After giving this combination of gray and beige a second look I realized it was a neutral color perfect for complementing any clothing or makeup. I chose to mix this look up a bit by combining two colors. I blended Out of This World by Sinful Colors (shimmering silver) with Finger Paints in Misty Morning (shimmering pinkish beige). The two colors united to form a sublime, shimmering greige. Pick up Sinful Colors at Walgreens and Finger Paints at Sally Beauty Supply, when wanting to create this look yourself.

Which celeb nail polish trend is your fave? Mine is the crackle nail polish. Love it!

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