DIY Easy Fall Coasters

Coasters can be pricey at the big box or specialty stores, especially if you are only going to use them for a short time. Instead, make your own coasters. This is a great project to involve your children in. You can make several dozen coasters for Thanksgiving dinner when your house will be overflowing with guests. The cost is small and the supplies are inexpensive. Personalize the coasters with each guests name so they act as a place setting and to remember which drink belongs to each person.

Cut foam sheets into 4 ½ inch squares. This is a great size for most glasses or cups. The foam can be any color you like – white highlights your decorations, or choose a brown, orange or red to mimic the fall leaf colors.

Glue artificial fall leaves onto each coaster. You could also go on a nature walk and choose real leaves. Make sure the leaves do not extend off the edges of the coasters.

Allow the glue to dry. Write each guest’s name on a coaster using a pen. This step is optional.

Cover the front of the coaster with clear contact paper; trim the edges so they are flush with the coaster edges.

Wrap colored tape around the edges of the coaster to seal them and prevent the contact paper from peeling. If you want the coasters a bit more dressy, fold 1 inch wide ribbon in half and glue it in place around the coasters. Cut the fall sheets into larger pieces to make matching place mats if you wish. These are great for children to use because they wipe right off.

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