DIY Ways to Personalize Your Home Decor

How can you make your home uniquely yours? Show off your creative side with personalized home decor. Whether you make it yourself completely from scratch or modify existing pieces to suit your style, it will truly be one one of a kind. How can you start personalizing your home decor? These are a few ways you can incorporate DIY touches into your home.

Make it Yourself

Do you know how to build furniture from pieces of lumber? Do you know how to sew? By designing and creating your own home furnishings, you can ensure that no one else has the same pieces in their home. I designed and built my own bookcase and coordinating mirror frame in High School shop class, which I know are still completely unique. And some day I would like to design and sew my own window treatments. Is there something you can make for your own home?

Modify Existing Decor

You can personalize generic furnishings with a coat of paint or some embellishments. Do you have a cheap picture frame or cocktail table that seems boring now? Give it a new paint or stain color for a whole new look. You might even sand the edges to “antique” it. Shop at second hand stores for ugly things that you can give a facelift. I once bought a hideous orange lamp and gave it a coat of metallic paint–just make sure to use a coat of primer first. You could also try decorating these items with seashells, buttons or even rhinestone monograms.

Showcase Your Interests

Do you have a collection you would like to show off? A hobby or travel memorabilia you would like to share with visitors? Gather these items together and showcase them in a shadow box. If you enjoy photography or painting, display these things in a place where everyone can see them. What not to do: Large collections of small items can look cluttered, so arrange your favorites in small groups of various sized pieces.

Personalize Wall Art

Show off your own work by hanging them at eye level on the walls. Family photographs, self portraits, a collection of your own photography: Consider size and scale when you are hanging them on the walls. Large pieces should hang alone on a wall that is proportionate. Smaller pictures can be grouped together on a larger wall. They should be grouped about four inches apart; if they are too scattered, you will end up with a cluttered look.

Mix Your Styles

Who says you have to choose one style and use it throughout your entire house? Today, homeowners are choosing to customize their decor by mixing and matching their favorite styles together. Traditional and contemporary decor comes together to create a “transitional” style. Remember, though, that everything in a room should have a commonality with the rest of the decor.

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