Do Christians Still Need to Beat Their Kids? – Don’t Spare the Rod Mentality

I was just reading an article today, which referred to a couple in Washington who adopted a girl, who died, as a result, of their disciplinary methods.

From the Article

There are 670,000 copies of the book in circulation, and it’s especially popular among Christian home-schoolers such as Larry and Carri Williams of Sedro-Woolley, Wash. In September, local prosecutors charged them with homicide by abuse after their adopted daughter Hana, 11, was found naked and emaciated in the backyard, having died of hypothermia and malnutrition. She had been deprived of food for days at a time, and made to sleep in an unheated barn.

When I was in 11th grade, many moons ago, a man named Jim Jones, convinced hundreds of people, to kill themselves. That’s right, Jim Jones was a Christian leader, who believed, however, some of those thoughts, might have fallen short, of rational behavior.

I couldn’t believe what happened and asked myself, “What year was it?” It wasn’t the 1700’s, it was 1978, over 30 years ago. I honestly couldn’t believe things like these, were still happening back then, but today?

It’s 2011, almost 2012 and we’re still dealing with polygamy and child abuse. According to some Christians, if it’s in the Bible, then it must be true, but I’m here to argue, that point.

If it’s in the Bible, it might have a contradiction.

Proverbs 23 American Standard Version

13 Withhold not correction from the child; For if thou beat him with the rod, he will not die.

14 Thou shalt beat him with the rod, And shalt deliver his soul from Sheol.

Well, there it is, you can find it in practically every Bible, but what do you do with it?
Should I find a rod and start beating my children, if I’m not doing it currently?

Does it matter, that these words were written over 2,000 years ago? Maybe they’re a little outdated and no longer apply?

Some Christians believe in the Bible and actually believe the Bible is the written word of God or inspired by God. However, not all Christians follow all of God’s rules, even though they share similar beliefs.

In other words, they pick and choose which rules they’re going to follow and which ones they aren’t. I don’t know if this is good old-fashioned Christian behavior, but they’ve been doing it, for centuries.

When I was young, spanking was the preferred method, for disciplining children, but that isn’t the way it is today. If I was in Wal-Mart and picked my granddaughter up and started spanking her, for something she did wrong, I would probably, end up getting spanked, myself.

Let’s face it, it wouldn’t be a pretty picture and there’s a good chance, someone would call the police. Do you know, you can go to jail, for spanking your children?

I don’t know if you would go to a Christian jail or whether or not you would be studying the Bible, but you would be in jail. So what am I missing here, is this an extremely difficult verse, to interpret?

Should I follow all of the rules in the Bible or is it my right as a Christian, to only follow the ones, I think I need to?

Wait a minute, I think I can provide you with a little advice. I wouldn’t have written the article, just to leave you hanging, well I might have, but I’m not going to do it, this time.

Here’s a simple solution to your problem, if it’s in the Bible and it doesn’t make any sense or seems like it could be outdated or even creates a contradiction, then don’t follow it or apply it to your life, in any shape or form.

In other words, if you have a Bible, collecting dust, then leave it exactly where it is. If you don’t read the Bible, you won’t be confused and if you do read the Bible, but aren’t confused, then you aren’t reading it correctly.

There are rational alternatives, to spanking children, but you will need to find them. There is plenty of information at your local library and on the Internet, that won’t cost you one penny.

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