Do it Yourself Birth Announcements and Baby Shower Invitations with Shutterfly

Interested in saving money by designing your own birth announcements and shower invitations? Many inexpensive web-based services offer expectant parents basic options. But parents-to-be looking to print cutting-edge, customized baby announcements and baby shower invitations without breaking the bank should take note of a new collection from Shutterfly.

Shutterfly, which calls itself an “Internet-based social expression and personal publishing service,” launched a fresh batch of 170 baby shower invitation and birth announcement designs. Shutterfly calls the collection “perfect for new parents and expanding families.”

Shutterfly’s card stylist Meg Bohnert says the new collection will make your baby’s birth announcement stand out “by mixing trendy and traditional, paired with elegant type treatments and playful greetings.” With over 170 professionally crafted designs, there’s something to suit every mom-to-be. “Fun and playful, sophisticated and chic or traditionalist, we offer a design and style for every personality,” Bohnert says.

Shutterfly’s baby shower invitation designs features the adorable “Little Things Blue” for a friend’s baby shower. For birth announcements, the “Hearts in Pink” is irresistible for a baby girl. And for twins, the collection offers the visually evocative “Seeing Double” birth announcements.

Shutterfly designs its cards and stationery to be easy to personalize, and the website is user-friendly and easy to browse. Helpful tools for editing announcement and invitation templates can take expectant parents from start to finish in about 15 minutes.

And best of all, designing birth announcements and baby shower invitations through Shutterfly won’t break the bank. Users can order cards starting lower than 40 cents per card. The most expensive cards can cost around $1 each. Shutterfly backs its products with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

Shutterfly produces professional-quality results for expectant parent budgets. Parents-to-be looking to save money by designing their own birth announcements, baby shower invitations, and baby stationery should give Shutterfly’s new collection a look. Shutterfly’s site is as professional and slick as the cards themselves. To check out the new editions to the baby stationery collection, click here.

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