Do Not Be Fooled by Aramis Ramirez

Aramis Ramirez played good defense last night. Aramis Ramirez hit a line drive to the outfield and hustled out of the box in anticipation of it dropping in for a hit. Why do I start this editorial like this? Well, to say do not be fooled by Aramis Ramirez.

With Jim Hendry gone now, so is his security blanket. What once was a slam dunk new contract, has now become you have to show the Cubs why they should keep you. More importantly you have to show the league you have value in case they do not.

There is some serious snake oil trying to be sold here. There will be some well placed articles by his agent with who they term friendly media. David Kaplan and Todd Hollandsworth will not be on this list. They will talk about the way he finished and how he was asked to the All Star team and how his numbers are considered at the top of all third baseman in baseball.

What they will not tell you is for the last two years he has hit after the season is virtually over for the Cubs. How since his 2009 shoulder injury, diving for baseballs is done at a minimum and he is not a leader in the clubhouse.

Giving him another payday of multiple years will hamper the Cubs for that amount of years. Josh Vitters may be ready next year around June or he may be ready at the beginning of the season. I do not believe that you give Ramirez a contract. In fact, you do not even offer him arbitration because he will accept it and get more money than you would like to pay him.

The Cubs would be wise to cut ties with Ramirez after the season and not buy the snake oil that he and his agent is selling.

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