Do You Enjoy Being a Granny (grandmother)?

When I think about some of the things I like about being a granny, I clearly believe the positives outweigh the negatives. In this day and time there are those children that are having children at a younger age, thus we are encountering younger grandmothers.


I enjoy watching my grandchildren grow. I enjoy remembering key moments from their birth until now. I recall my one grandson when he was born he did not cry at all. As I watched him before the nurse cleaned him up, he just looked around with amazement as I talked to him. Naturally soon as I stepped away and the nurse came over, he decided to relieve himself directly on the nurse. He knew not to get his granny wet.


I like seeing this generation. I can look back and see characteristics of my daughter and my son-in-law in my grandchildren. I have observed some of the pictures past and present. I notice that the girls and the women tend to have that attitude of putting that right hand on the hip.


I like that I can get my grandchildren and enjoy them, but then they go back home. I am okay with that, because I usually am so tired. I need to recover.


I like when just all of a sudden my grandchild will hug me and say, “I love you granny.” “Thank you for all that you do.” I then think to myself, “That is a smart grandchild.


I love when I see my grandchildren showing their independence by telling me, “I can do it myself.” I love how the one grandchild in particular would attempt to imitate his grandpa. He would pick at his top lip like he had a mustache. Or attempt to fold his legs like me when we are sitting down.

Thinking Caps

I love when I see my grandchildren always trying to come up with a better way do something. We were on a field trip and this bee kept buzzing around everyone at the table outside. My grandson took 2 cups and caught the bee. This solved that problem. Most everyone had mosquito repellant for mosquitoes, but no one had thought there might be bees around.


I like when my grandchildren are asking, “Why?” I observe how they listen and take everything in.


I love my children, but now I know what it really feels like to love your grandchild. I used to hear people say, “You love both your children and your grandchildren, but it is a slightly different feeling with your grandchildren.” It is almost indescribable.


Personal Experience

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