Does Cain’s Plan Need Polish or Explanation?

Herman Cain may be just what we need right now in America, a political outsider with moral convictions, strong education background in economics, a record of success in business and a man with a plan (be it not perfect…yet).

But the last of those attributes may be holding him back from running away with the battle for the republican nomination, as a man who can get things done.

It is obvious that he has the record to lead the country in the right direction for economic growth which arguably is the most important thing we need right now; then why is he still being prodded to explain his tax plan to get America moving again? Answer… because we don’t understand it.

So much has been said about it being a force for “evil”, that it might as well be called the “666” plan. Few of us can see through the false to the facts of this plan that he promises will be a major factor in his mission to revive America.

If indeed he is the last man standing and eventually wins our highest office he will have his hands full with implementation of it but even more so, the explanation of this mysterious numbers game will and should be at the top of his list even today.

But what are the facts, what is real, and what is just smoke screen, placed there by his detractors?

After we admit that he at least has a plan whether viable or not and that the plan sounds good on the surface, simplifying the tax code and maybe cutting the tax burden in some areas while maybe raising it in others, then what is the path to the truth? Does it cut or not cut taxes to the rich,middle class or poor and how will it work.
Some say the middle class and the poor will carry the largest burden while others say just the opposite. So what are we to believe?

Or is it necessary only to understand that here is a man that has come up with something (maybe not a pearl) but something capable of being shined up to resemble one.

What we must remember:

This plan only represents a small part of what the man is about and for the fact that he even has a plan at all says a lot for about the other candidates who have non (at least not good ones) and our present administration which has failed in its every attempt to get things going again.

So does he just need to explain things better like he did at God Fathers Pizza? I know I can’t understand it, but then I have not heard him lay it out very well.

Yes he needs to do just that, explain it to us like he would a new recruit at one of the many businesses he has led to success and then be done with it.

Do not help the other GOP candidates and democrats slow his candidacy with attempts to be-little and ignore his efforts.

If Cain truly is the one to beat in 2012 he must rise to the occasion of not just running on his history but in keeping average Americans in the loop when it comes to the explanations of his intentions, just like he must have learned in the corporate world, and then leave it to us to absorb it like a tasty meat lovers with extra cheese and finally get it understood or “digested”. I hope that in the month of time before the next debate cycle he puts it into terms we can all understand and rally around. For then we will truly “get it” and all the negative words won’t work.

There are so many good things about this candidate that should not be ignored and would make him a good choice for these times as president or vice president, but for right now 999, I just don’t get it!

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