Does it Really Matter that Your Nurse is Male?

1. Best Care

Shouldn’t you want to receive the best care that you can from your nurse? If that nurse just happens to be a male nurse. It should not matter. He is there to do his job and to help you. Why stereotype and be prejudiced because he is a male. Did you know that according to Wikipedia.Org, male nurses were primary caregivers in Europe during the plagues.

2. Reason

Think about the reason that a male might want to become a nurse. According to Wikipedia.Org. men come to the nursing profession for the same reasons as women do. They want to care for people that are sick. They want to be paid good wages and benefits just as a woman nurse does. They have something to give back to society. They may be gifted to do exceptionally well in this profession.

3. Preference

Just as some women and men have preference for whether they want a male or female family doctor, possibly you have a preference for a nurse. When you are looking for a family doctor you may have a choice. When you are in a hospital, emergency, or clinic setting you just might happen to have a male nurse. If that male nurse is qualified to do the job, you would be foolish to reject his care, especially if it possibly might be in a life or death situation.

4. Custom

Have we just become so accustom to thinking or believing that nurses should only be women? Have we become narrow-minded to believe that only women can and should do that job? I do not believe nurses will ever go out of business. I do believe doctors will always need some type of assistant. Even though robots have become very popular in the medical field, they still need a live person to overseer and operate them. There are so many things that we assume. Did you know that according to Wikipedia.Org James Derham was a slave in 1783. He earned his freedom by working as a nurse. He eventually became the first Black Doctor in the United States.

What are your thoughts on this?

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