Drama Runs Rampant on Season 16 of ‘The Bachelor’

Season 16 of “The Bachelor” is set to begin on Jan. 2. This is a highly anticipated event, especially because Ben Flajnik had his heart torn apart when he proposed to Ashley, only to be turned down. There are many women who think he was done wrong and would like to see him find happiness. Since the season is taped months ahead of time, there are rumors circulating all over the web. Some of them are what we would expect to see during a season of the show, and others are just off the wall.

The girl that rides in on the horse

In the promos ABC has released, we see a girl ride in on a horse instead of arriving in a limo. Obviously she made an impression on Ben, and it was definitely something different for fans to see. It is being said that she will possibly get the “first impression” rose, and that is not surprising at all. What a way to make a statement. It is a sure bet that she will beat the first few elimination rounds, but will she be able to stick it out until the end?

Sex scandal

What is a dating show without some sort of sex scandal? This time, it is a little girl-on-girl action. It seems that one of the 25 women is bi-sexual and makes a move on one of the other girls. Whether or not this will be aired or cut out remains to be seen. It seems there is always something going on in that house each season. There isn’t much shock value left for scandals, but it is being said that this season will be a little more daring than some of the previous ones when it comes to showing affection.

Producer scandal

Another girl falls for a producer. This time though, the producer was not fired. It is being speculated that nothing romantic happened between the girl and the producer, but when she came forward with her feelings, she was sent home. Obviously this is unethical and highly frowned upon. Most of the producers are male, which makes the contestants on “The Bachelor” a little more susceptible to “falling for someone else.” This happened in a previous season, which resulted in the producer being automatically let go and the contestant being sent packing. As of now, it seems like the producer is safe with his job; things went OK after the girl left.

With every reality show there are always rumors. This season of “The Bachelor” should be a good one. It is being said that Ben finds true love, but will it last?

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