Dream Team? in Football?

Let me start by saying that all the hype that’s been generated by Vince Young’s “Dream Team” comment has been over reported and blown way out of proportion. This is a perfect example of why athletes should shut their mouth and play their sport. When will athlete’s learn that reporters will take jabs at them all season long for uttering something stupid in front of a microphone.
From Lebron James to Mike “The Idiot Kicker” Vanderjagt these guys never fail to put their foot in their mouths. Piece of advise “Let the Coaches, Owners, Reporters and Fans do the talking until the end of the season. Then if you win a Championship run up to any microphone you like and puke out every stupid comment you have. We will chalk it up to a heat of the moment conversation and it’s all good.
That being said; did anyone one really think the Eagles were anywhere close to a Dream Team? Did anyone really think they were even that good? Dream Teams don’t give up over 100 points in 4 games to mediocre teams.
In Football there’s no such thing as a “Dream Team” unless you count the 1972 Miami Dolphins who went undefeated, but you couldn’t have hung that title on them at the beginning of the 1972 season. I mean you could have labeled the 2008 Patriots as a “Dream Team” and some people did but look what happened to them; a nightmare in the form of the N.Y. Giants.
In Football there’s to many variables; offensive line, defensive line, special teams. You can have a great Quarterback, great Running Backs and Receivers but it’s the other guys that make a Football Team great, those least known contributors that are the real heart and soul of a Championship Team.
A Football doesn’t bounce in a straight line so next time Vince Young or some other moron starts spouting off with the mouth about “Dream Teams” give the my advise “Shut up and play the damn game!”

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