Dresser Drawer Headboard

There you are in your new bedroom and you suddenly realize that you’re faced with a couple of problems. One is that you have no headboard. Another is that the room has little or no storage. Well, you’re definitely going to need a headboard; without one the bed just doesn’t look complete – no matter how nice your comforter and shams. You might be happy to know that there’s one headboard you can easily build, which will give you lots of storage, and look fabulous, too. A dresser drawer headboard is unusual, fun, and useful.

You might already have an old dresser you no longer need and you could use it to make the headboard. Or, shop thrift stores, bargain stores, and similar places, to find old dressers with solid drawers. It’s okay if the drawers you use for the headboard don’t match.

It can be helpful to arrange the dresser drawers on the floor to get an idea of how to hang them on the wall. Leave some knobs or pulls on the drawers but remove others. A drawer that will have another stacked on it will need to have the pulls removed, however, a drawer that will be on the top of the stack will not need the knobs removed. Also, the dresser drawers don’t necessarily have to cover the entire headboard area. It can be a cute accent to leave part of the wall showing between some of the drawers. After you’re sure of the headboard arrangement you want you can set about removing knobs and/or painting the drawers so that they will all match or coordinate.

Since the inside bottom of each drawer will show in the headboard arrangement it’s fun to mix and match shelf liner, wallpaper, or another type of paper, and attach it to the drawers. Paint some of the inside bottoms; use paper on other drawers – or create your own design.

Screws work great for hanging the drawers on the wall. After the drawers are hung in a headboard arrangement you can even carry this project just a bit further. For some drawers, cut a “door” from wood, and use a hinge to attach it. For other drawers, make wooden dividers, and install them.

The dresser drawer headboard is unique and useful, but is also pretty. Not only does it improve the look of the bed but it also gives a whole new design to the entire room.

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