Drink Cozy Bracelet

Come on; you really only need one drink cozy for yourself, don’t you? You know what a drink cozy is, right? It’s one of those cylindrical, foam things, which you slide a canned drink into, and it keeps it cool for you. You’ve likely seen one; you might even have an old one. Even if you don’t, you can purchase one for a buck at a dollar-theme store. With one of those drink cozies you can make two, three, or more bracelets, each one different. Cut up a drink cozy and you’ll be even more fashionable than you already are.

The drink cozy you use is completely up to you. It can be a plain one or one that features a logo, a saying, or another design. To begin, simply cut the bottom off of it. You’ll find that easiest to do if you just smash the drink cozy flat, and use sharp scissors to remove it. Measure what’s left to decide how many bracelets you can make. Each one can be anywhere from 1-½” to 3″ wide. Make all your bracelets the same size or go for different widths.

Cut a piece of fabric long enough to go all the way around the foam circle, with a half-inch to spare. Cut the fabric to be wide enough to wrap all the way around the foam, with a half-inch to spare. After that, it’s a simple matter to put it together. Just lay the fabric on the table so that the wrong side is facing up. Lay the foam on it and wrap the fabric around the bracelet, overlapping one end over the other. Hot glue works quickly to secure the fabric.

Place a run of hot glue down the inside center of the bracelet, a few inches at a time, and secure one long edge of the fabric. The very edge should be placed in the center of the bracelet. Wrap the other long edge around the bracelet, run glue down the center, and press the edge in it to secure.

Now that the foam piece is covered with fabric you can use any number of craft supplies to embellish it. Draw or write on the bracelet with tube paints, glue on sequin, buttons, or rhinestones, or sew a silk flower to the center of the bangle. You’ll have fun creating different bracelets to suit your own style. The foam bracelets are easy to put on and take off, they look spectacular, and they’re really fun to make.

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