Drinking Problem

Jane walked into the house, out of breath and glistening with sweat. She grabbed a glass of water off the coffee table and began chugging it down veraciously. Her cousin, Lauren came into the room and yelled, “Hey that’s my drink!” Jane replied angrily, “No. It’s mine!” After swapping some uh-huhs and nuh-uhs, Jane slapped her cousin in the face. Lauren screamed, “You don’t slap me,” and slapped her back. With that, fists started flying.

Lauren’s sister, Marie heard the commotion from the other room and ran to break up the fight. But Steven, their brother, was enjoying watching the fight so he tried to get Marie to let the cousins keep at it.

Eventually, the girls settled down. Marie walked over to the table and when she saw the glass said, “Hey, there’s my drink!”

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