Early Book Review: Lord of the Abyss by Nalini Singh

Lord of the Abyss by Nalini Singh is the fourth and final book in the Royal House of Shadows series, which is shared by several prominent paranormal romance authors. It is slated for release on November 29 2011. The premise behind the entire series is that an evil man, the Blood Sorcerer, captured the kingdom of Elden. In the process he killed the king and queen and destroyed many lives and the land itself. In their dying moments the royal couple cast spells in order to safeguard their children, however something went wrong. The four children were sent to safety, but not in the way their parents might have wish. The youngest, Micah, is the subject of Lord of the Abyss. The Blood Sorcerer was able to twist the spell most in regards to young Micah who is sent to the edge of the Abyss. The Abyss is the place where evil is sent after death, and the Guardian of the Abyss is charged with collecting the souls that must go there, and protecting the gateway. Micah has become that guardian, and has no memory of his life in Elden. Liliana is the daughter of the Blood Sorcerer, and strives to be everything her father is not. She seeks out Micah in order to return his memories and return Elden to its proper glory. Little did she know that attraction, friendship, and even love would become factors in the dangerous task she has undertaken.

I have now read all of the books in this series, and have to say that Lord of the Abyss is my favorite. The characters and tragedy of the tale were strong. The more intimate scenes were appropriately steamy and I really loved the writing style, the world building, and the characters. Despite Liliana’s harsh childhood, and the resulting issues, she is a strong character that can push through her pain and look towards the greater good. Micah shows a charming combination of very strong alpha male and vulnerable child. Secondary characters held just as much depth and charm for my as the main characters. Looking back the only thing that I would have liked to see is more direct interaction with the royal siblings at the end. However, I do not think it was necessary, but that I only wanted to see the story continue on rather than coming to a conclusion. I usually try to say something that I found within the book that I did not like, to keep things balanced. However, there was nothing that really stood out while I was reading. I am now going to further explore the works of Nalini Singh I want to further explore the alternate world that she has created and see if her other books hold as much great writing and charm for me.

I recommend Lord of the Abyss to readers that have stuck with the series to this point; this book is the reward for your perseverance. I also recommend this book for fans of Nalini Singh, and those that just love a great paranormal or fantasy related romance with some toe curling scenes. Lord of the Abyss can be read as a standalone, and I would actually suggest skipping the middle two books from the series, unless like me you just cannot help yourself.

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