Earthquakes Rock Oklahoma Over Thanksgiving Weekend

Having lived in Oklahoma most of my life, earthquakes were rare. Since November, 5, 2011, the state has felt more than its fair share of them. Earthquakes are supposed to happen in California not Oklahoma, Virginia, or the other states east of the Rockies.

Thanksgiving Day Earthquake

Six earthquakes rocked the state starting on Thanksgiving afternoon with the largest being at 3.7 near Prague, Oklahoma. This is in the same area where the first earthquake was felt. While this one wasn’t felt where I live in Kansas, it is possible it made it this far since we did hear a large boom around 3 p.m. Thanksgiving Day. One person I know was in the area that day and felt it. He mentioned he was with his family visiting when the house they were in shook for several seconds.

Black Friday Earthquakes

On Black Friday, three others were recorded in the same area. Those weren’t nearly has iconic as the first earthquake of the month and the one on Thursday. These were more than likely heavier aftershocks from the one the day before. However, geologists haven’t said if the three were aftershocks, but large enough to be called earthquakes on their own merits.

Saturday Earthquake

Saturday’s earthquake was 23 miles further northeast of the one that shook Prague on Thursday and Friday. Sparks, Oklahoma, found themselves being woken to a 2.4 earthquake at 7 a.m. This wasn’t the first earthquake that shook Sparks, Oklahoma, this month.

An earthquake shook the small town on Monday, November 7, during the evening hours. This one was felt as far north as Salina. This quake had Facebook all a buzz since it shook so far to the North and east of the location.

Sunday Earthquake

The latest earthquake shook the Prague area around 6 a.m. This earthquake registered at 3.2 on the Richter scale. It wouldn’t be surprising to hear or feel any other aftershocks this evening or the next couple of days after this one this morning.

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