Easy Daybed Canopy

Do you have a daybed? A sofa where you love to lie down for a nap? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a canopy for it? Some of us have canopies on our beds but no one really ever has a canopy over a sofa or chair. You can change that unspoken rule by making a quick and cute canopy for your favorite resting or reading spot. There’s no need to sew, glue, or otherwise put yourself out for this project. It takes little time, effort, or supplies, to make it happen.

You can decide on a rough estimate of fabric for the canopy by measuring from the side of the daybed or sofa (down by the floor), up to a point on the wall – above the middle of the sofa – and back down to the other side. Have fabric cut to that length. Good choices for cloth include nearly anything that’s light to medium weight. Although you don’t absolutely have to sew a hem into the sides of the cloth, if the material is a type that easily unravels, it’s suggested that you hem it, or treat it with a no-fray product. You’ll find that product at any craft or fabric store.

Go to a home improvement store to buy the main thing you need for hanging the canopy. A PVC pipe is perfect and comes in colors of black or white. However, when you use spray paint made specifically for plastic, you can paint it any color you want. When you purchase the PVC pipe from a large home improvement store they will cut it for you at no charge. The pipe should be cut to be as long as the couch or daybed is deep. So, measure along the outside side of the daybed or sofa to get the length you need for the pipe. The pipe itself should be an inch or two in diameter.

Cut a long piece of heavy cord or ribbon to hang the pipe. Slide one end of the cord into the pipe, bring the ends together, and tie them in a knot. Slide the knot inside the pipe. Locate the exact middle of the couch or daybed, then find that spot on the ceiling, and screw in a “C” hook. Hang the roping – with pipe – on the hook. Position the pipe so that it runs from the back of the daybed, to the front, and so that it hangs well above the bed or sofa.

Pull the fabric through the opening made by the twine or ribbon. Place the fabric so that it drapes down by the side of the bed, goes over the pipe, and drapes on the other side of the bed or sofa. It creates a comfortable and inviting look for a nap, reading, or relaxing.

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