Easy to Make Faux Rocks

Grab a can of spray foam insulation and create a multitude of faux rocks. The simplicity of the project allows an individual to create a large number of faux rocks in two to three hours. No matter the size of the desired faux rocks, the process is the same.

Things You’ll Need:

Spray foam insulation
Large plastic trash bag
Serrated knife
Sandpaper or flat file
Stone colored spray paint


Step 1 – Cut a large plastic trash bag along one folded edge and the bottom. Cover a flat work surface, preferable a concrete garage floor, with the cut garbage bag.

Step 2 – Spray a glob of spray foam insulation approximately 2/3rd ‘s the size of the desired faux rock. The spray foam insulation will continue to grow after it is sprayed.

Step 3 – Allow the spray foam insulation to dry for 15 minutes.

Step 4 – Shape the spray foam insulation into the desired rock shape using a serrated knife. Round the edges of the cuts with sandpaper or a flat file. Add indentations in the desired location. Remember, rocks come in all shapes and sizes so any shape will work.

Step 5 – Place the sculpted faux rock on a second large plastic trash bag. Spray the surface of the sculpted faux rock with stone colored spray paint. Allow the paint to dry 15 minutes. Turn the rock and paint the opposite side. Add a second coat of spray paint if desired.

Place the faux rocks in a rock garden or use them as decoration around the patio or house. Cut words into the surface of the faux rock prior to spraying with rock colored spray paint.

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