Easy to Make Recycled Cork Board from Wine Corks

Create an easy to make recycled cork board to hold messages, as a wall decoration, versatile tray or as a trivet. Wine drinkers, this is the perfect project for you. Each 16-by 20-inch cork board requires approximately 200 corks. Trivets use as few as 18 corks. No matter the size, recycled corks create an interesting texture and allow you to display a multitude of printed corks on the market today.

Creating a cork board requires the use of a frame and backing. No backing is necessary for small cork trivets but adds durable. Make the frame for a recycled cork cork board from an old picture frame.

Things You’ll Need:

18-by 20-inch picture frame with heavy cardboard backing
200 corks of the same size
Hot glue gun
Hot glue sticks
Picture hanger (optional)


Step 1 – Remove the glass from the picture frame. Secure the backing to the frame. Add a hanger at this point if desired.

Step 2 – Place the picture frame on a flat work surface so the front of the frame is facing up. The heavy cardboard backing should be visible.

Step 3 – Squeeze a line of glue along the length of a cork. Place it in the upper left hand corner of the picture frame directly on top of the heavy cardboard backing. Turn the cork so it is on a vertical axis. Repeat the process with a second cork placing it directly to the right of the first.

Step 4 – Squeeze a line of glue along the length of a cork. Place it on a horizontal axis against next to the corks in Step 3. Place the top edge of the cork so it lines up with the edge of the picture frame. Repeat the process and place a second cork directly under the first.

Step 5 – Repeat the process of gluing two corks next to one another in opposite directions, two horizontal than two vertical until the first row is complete.

Step 6 – Begin the gluing process in the next row. Glue the first two corks in place opposite the two corks directly above. This means if the two corks above are horizontal, then place the ones beneath on a vertical axis. Repeat the process across the row.

Step 7 – Repeat Step 6 for a total of 9 rows.

Modify the number of corks to create smaller or larger versions of this useful recycled cork cork board.

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