Easy Ways to Fix Smudged Eye Makeup

Allergy season has arrived, and after sneezing your way through a date you catch an ugly reflection in a car mirror. You’re pretty sure the end-of-the-date kiss is going to be a “no go.” Short of wiping it all off, what can you do to save face when leaky eyes are in play? With just an item or two, you can tame wet and wild eye makeup, at least long enough to get home. Here’s how.

One morning, I noticed a little swelling around my eyes but chalked it up to a busy schedule. I quickly tapped on the eye-lifting cream, applied my eye makeup and jetted off to work. By the time I hit the interstate, my eyes were feeling hot, then burning. I made it to work, a little late, due to my eye issue. Tossing my briefcase on my desk, I scurried off to the bathroom to see the damage. I had minutes to repair my smudged eye makeup. Here’s what I did.

I wet a paper towel with cool water and pressed it under my eyelashes. I did this for both eyes, top and bottom. I also dabbed away at the skin in the area I had applied the cream to. I used tissue to dab away at the excess makeup around my eyes. Most of it didn’t move but I got some of it off. I also absorbed the liquid off my lashes with the tissue. I reached in my purse and grabbed hand lotion. I squirted a tiny drop of cream onto my fingertip and used the cream to rub away streaking mascara. I did this carefully to avoid further eye problems. I did not rub the cream on my eyelid.
I squirted a dab of liquid foundation on to my fingertip and patted it on to the skin around my eyes. I covered the mascara and eyeshadow streaks. If you do not have a foundation handy, try face powder or a concealer stick. I had a bronze lipstick in my purse, so I tapped the tip of the lipstick on to my fingertip and tapped the lipstick on to my lid for an eyeshadow.

This method works in a pinch but prevention is the best medicine. Wear waterproof eye makeup if you suspect your allergies will act up. If you’re trying out new products, give yourself plenty of time to watch for allergic reactions. They do happen. Lastly, keep an emergency makeup kit with foundation, mascara and eyeliner at your desk, never your car where they can melt.

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