Easy Ways to Flavor Sugar

Granulated sugar does not have much flavor. Most people would simply describe it as sweet. However, it can be flavored in very easy ways and used to improve baked goods, drinks and much, much more. Use these easy ways to flavor sugar, and enjoy something unique instead of the usual sweetener. It is especially good in coffee and on top of cold cereal and homemade desserts.

Add Freshly Ground Cinnamon

Have you ever enjoyed a hot steaming cup of cinnamon coffee or muffins with sweet and tasty cinnamon crumb topping? When looking for easy ways to flavor sugar, stir in a little cinnamon. It can be enjoyed in many different hot and cold drinks and with home-baked goods. It is especially tasty when sprinkled on a bowl of otherwise plain cereal.

Make Natural Vanilla Bean Sweetener

Vanilla sugar is absolutely delicious, especially when it is made with more than just the flavor of vanilla. A real vanilla bean can turn a container of sugar into a delicious and truly flavorful treat. Simply slice open a vanilla bean, and place it in the container. Allow it to remain closed and undisturbed for at least one month. Upon opening it will have the aroma and flavor of real vanilla. Best of all, the same vanilla bean will keep on working for months on end.

Use a Little Powdered Drink Mix

Would you like to add color and flavor to ordinary granulated sugar? Thoroughly combine it with a little unsweetened powdered drink mix. It will not be obvious until it is added to liquid. At this point the color will magically appear, and depending how much was added it should be very vibrant. Keep in mind that a little goes a long way!

Crush Hard Candy

Hard candy can be crushed into powder and stirred into sugar to add tremendous flavor. Simply place hard candy of your choice into a freezer bag. Hit it with a heavy mallet until it is crushed into tiny bits. Mix it into a container of plain sugar, and use it to add flavor to hot or cold drinks, desserts and more. Hard candy flavors are endless, and so are the possibilities when using it to flavor ordinary sugar.

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