Easy Ways to Thicken Thin Chili

Really good chili is thick and delicious, not thin and lacking substance. When this particular homemade favorite is made with tomato juice rather than sauce, it can be far too weak. However, this problem is really very easy to remedy. Use these easy ways to thicken thin chili, and make it thicker and tastier than ever with a few simple additions.

Stir in Fat-Free Refried Beans to Thicken Thin Chili

When looking for easy ways to thicken thin chili, open a can of refried beans. This will give it considerably more body, and it will enhance the flavor. After all, beans and chili go together very well, and what better way to make it thick and more appealing? This is a very quick fix that will make it more nutritious. Be sure to use the fat-free variety to avoid unnecessary fat and calories. If someone in the family does not like beans, they will not even know.

Add a Can of Tomato Paste and a Tablespoon of Sugar

If thickening chili with refried beans does not sound good, add a can of tomato paste. Since tomato paste is somewhat bitter, add about a tablespoon of sugar as well. This will greatly thicken the base and add a richer tomato flavor. Add more or less than one can. This will depend on the amount of chili in need of thickening.

Stir in Drained Diced Tomatoes

Sometimes the base of the soup is thick, but it needs something more. Consider adding drained diced tomatoes to give it more substance. Even canned tomatoes have a lot of flavor. They are juicy and absolutely delicious. They can help turn an ordinary pan of chili into something extra tasty and filling, and they will thicken it in the process.

Provide Gourmet Crackers to Thicken Thin Chili

Most people associate saltines with chili when thinking of crackers. However, these are not the only variety that can be used to thicken the base. Provide a variety of crackers such as veggie flavored, cheddar cheese, bacon thins and more. Even chicken crackers taste great with a bowl of chili, and they will thicken it in a matter of seconds while adding flavor and texture.

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