Eco-Weddings are a fast growing trend as more and more brides are becoming aware of the benefits to having a more ecologically friendly wedding. More businesses in the wedding industry are also taking their cues from this new generation of brides by providing services such as using more organically grown local foods, creating and using more natural, organic fabrics in their bridal fashions that follow the trendy culture of the day for both the wedding couple and those in the bridal party, creating and using more natural and organic materials in their paper products for use in all sorts of wedding stationary, providing recycling and food donation as part of their packages, and all sorts of other ways of using less of the world’s nonrenewable resources. We can take advantage of all that these venues are now offering to proide a beautiful wedding without adding to the waste of our resources.

Eco-Weddings used to be only for those brides that had more money to spend on their weddings, and therefore the luxury of taking the environment into consideration while planning. However, with the popularity of ecologically friendly weddings on the rise, it is steadily becoming even easier to find these services and still have a beautiful wedding on a budget. Everyday brides and vendors alike are becoming more and more creative to maintain that ecologically friendly appeal yet with the elegant beauty that only weddings can provide. Don’t leave this perfect day to just anyone. Make sure to hire a professional bridal consultant that can bring together the perfect vendors, your theme and decor ideas and your your imagined atmosphere to create a beautiful, earth-friendly wedding that will blow your mind.

Victoria Kelly, “Eco-Weddings”,

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