ECT Depression Therapy at USF

COMMENTARY | Depression is a real serious issue in American society. An even bigger issue is coming up with ways to cure and remedy the issue of depression and the illegal versus legal tug of war that always springs about in solving it. How do you deal with depression? Good question. The Psychiatric doctors at USF have a legit solution. It’s legal.

Dr. Upshaw, Knowledge of ECT

ECT stands for Electro-convulsive Therapy which is a procedure that deliberately triggers a brief seizure throughout the brain. Dr. Upshaw is a former leading psychiatric doctors at the University of South Florida where this procedure is studied by USF doctors. It is known that the seizure activity causes changes in the brain’s chemistry which reverses symptoms of specific psychiatric illnesses, specifically treatment resistant depression during the course treatment.

Electro-convulsive Therapy is the best known procedure that stimulates the brain using magnetic or electric currents to relieve mental health symptoms. According to USF Health, ECT exclusively treats Treatment Resistant Depression, Severe Depression, and Schizophrenia.

ECT is Precise and Controlled

ECT generally last for about five to 10 minutes. First patients usually go through a series of nine to 12 treatments that are administered three times a week over a period of about a month. After this initial phase, treatments are distributed over several months. On specific instances, ECT patients will come back for more treatment or continuation, all in order to maintain the benefits that are received during treatment process. The majority of patients claim that they feel great after this form of therapy has been applied to them, and the fact that ECT has no side effects is a big plus, all patients have to do is continue receiving their medical therapy.

Tampa (USF) Hospital Services

The ECT therapy for depression is generally a new procedure for Tampa Bay Health and University of South Florida Hospitals. Dr. Fernandez, an established medical doctor, had to lobby for the ECT program to be at the hospital when she began work there in 2008. Finally the ECT procedure began being offered at Tampa General Hospital in 2010.

I know that depression can hurt folks, and can restructure the way folks deal with their surroundings. People with bad health think that good health isn’t everything, but everything you do is better with the better shape you are in. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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