Edible Halloween Food Ideas Using Radishes

Looking for ideas using food and radishes for Halloween meals or appetizers? The ideas in this article can help you start planning these ideas for Halloween meals and parties.

What types of food creations for Halloween can radishes be used for?

Below are five ideas for using three types of radishes to create dishes and appetizers for Halloween.

Edible Halloween mummy eyes. Mummies are the easiest food idea for Halloween to make using radishes. The radishes can be used as garnish to help set off the eeriness of the dish. How the mummy is made using radishes is up to you.

Edible Halloween skeleton fingers. Using the red radishes peeled and centers removed, insert the white radishes into the holes to create the fingers. The tips of the white radishes will need to be cut off for the skeleton fingers to sit flat on the plate or tray.

Edible Halloween eyeballs. Using either the red or black radishes, peel and remove both ends and the centers. Insert, green stuffed olives with either pimentos or garlic in the centers and serve.

Edible Halloween hands. Browned hamburger patties can be used for the base of the hands. The white radishes cut in half with the tips removed can be used for the fingers. Wash the radishes and do not peel because this would give them more of a finger look than when peeled. Butt the radish ends against the hamburger patties to create the fingers.

What types of radishes can be used for food ideas on Halloween?

The following are the three types of radishes most commonly available.

Red Radishes. Red radishes are the most common types of this root vegetable. They can be used to make eyeballs in two different ways. Peeling them and leaving just enough of the skin on to create veins in the eyes. The easiest way to use them is to cut the top and bottom off to create an eyeball. You can use different colored pearlized round candies for the centers.

White Radishes. White radishes are long and skinny much like a carrot. These can be used for fingers, teeth and toes. You can cut the tops and bottoms off if you wish, but leaving them on would make the dish you are creating more gross.

Black Radishes. Black radishes are round with a black peel. Some black radishes may have a hot pink center. If you find some with the pink centers, those would create an eerier eye than the red radishes. They can be used as eyes just by cutting off the tops and bottoms. They can also be used for warts, boils, or similar ugly marks on a Halloween dish. Black radishes may be the hardest of the three to find in stores. These radishes may be found easiest in specialty areas of the produce department or specialty food stores.

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