Education Tips for Hydrology Programs and Graduate Degrees

Hydrology is the study of water. This is a branch of geoscience. Governments at all levels and engineering firms provide several thousand jobs for hydrologists who have completed a formal education and degree program in hydrology.

Aspiring hydrologist have a couple of options as far as formal education. Many students opt for a geoscience program and major, as hydrology is a branch of that discipline. Geoscientists arguably have a wider range of training and education and may qualify for more jobs. On the other hand, those who seek to specialize in hydrology and get an advanced degree can explore undergraduate and graduate programs in hydrology.

There are far more geoscience programs than specific hydrology programs simply due to the fact that is is a bigger field. Similarly, one would expect to find more mathematics degree programs than calculus programs. Some schools may offer such a program, but degree courses tend to be more general.

Nonetheless, there are some universities that offer a hydrology degree program. An example is Atlantic International University, which offers a Bachelor of Hydrology (BS) degree program.

Some schools may use the term “water resources science” either separately or together with the term “hydrology” to describe a program of study that focuses on the work of hydrologists. Still more schools may have geohydrology programs at the undergraduate level. See the Universities website for a list of additional programs that offer hydrology-related educational programs.

Regardless of what bachelor’s degree you get in hydrology or geoscience or earth science, you will generally need at least a master’s degree to be competitive when it comes to finding hydrologist jobs. There are just too many applicants to accept that many with only an undergraduate degree in hydrology or a related field.

To find hydrology programs or geoscience-related programs with a concentration in hydrology, visit the Universities website “Graduate Programs” link below.

After completing at least a master’s degree in hydrology or a similar field, you will be competitive in job searching for around 7,000 hydrologist jobs. In May of 2010, the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that there 6,910 hydrologists, and they were making a median annual salary of $75,690.


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