Elegant Jewelry for Women

Pandora Jewelry is an exclusive style of jewelry for women. Its patented design incorporates a durable threaded system that expresses a woman’s personality, mood or highlight the special moments in her life, by revealing the essence of her individuality.

Let me introduce you to a unique line of jewelry, which beautifully expresses the essence of a woman’s individuality. Pandora Jewelry is designed to symbolize her personality, moods or highlight the special moments in her life.

Every piece of jewelry is an original design. It reflects hope and opportunity; these are the only virtues that remained, when Pandora opened her box on earth, according to Greek mythology. Hope and opportunity are the inspiration for Pandora Jewelry. It becomes the “signature statement” of the woman who wears it.

Its distinctive design incorporates a threaded system. Every bracelet is divided into 3 sections by small threads. Each bead is equipped with interior threads which allow the wearer to screw individual beads onto any bracelet, in any order. These beads move freely and have a slight rotation, creating an impressive effect.

Pandora Jewelry gained prominence in German and Swedish jewelry boutiques and Denmark, the home of this exquisite craftsmanship. The diversity of their jewelry selection is impressive.

Pandora (MOA) Mall of America is a distributor for Pandora Jewelry in the United States. It is located in Bloomington, Minnesota. For your shopping convenience, customers may shop by phone at (866) 700-6016, or browse the vast array of jewelry styles on Pandora Jewelry’s website.

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