Eli Can Do It- so Can I

This is the last time I say anything until the end of the season when I watch Tony Romo either walks off in defeat to the Green Bay Packers, in the NFC Championship, or when Tony Romo is holding the Lombardi trophy above his head with tears of joy (not frustration, like we usually see) rolling down his cheeks. It really does get tiring to watch analyst after analyst talking about Tony Romo. Whether it is good or bad, it is getting absolutely tiring. Being a Cowboys fan or not, you have to be sick of it. No one looks at the big picture of how football works and how it is a TEAM game. Then again I bet you are saying how it gets annoying to watch Tony Romo fail year after year. I’m not making excuses for my boyfriend, I’m not. I know the difference between Tom Brady (who coincidently had the same exact game, minus one pick six, last week vs. the Bills, I know its Brady and he already has won three Super Bowls but he plays for Belichick and the Patriots) and a Jay Cutler. Tony is not a Brady (could be…) nor a Jay, he is Tony Romo. One of a kind playmaker, getting scrutinized more than any Quarterback in the league other than maybe… no wait, yeah I can’t think of another quarterback to compare… well, maybe Vick.

He is going to throw the interceptions, that’s just who he is. Either he’s going to throw 4 touchdowns or 4 interceptions in a game. More like a Brett Favre than any QB to relate him to. He is going to decide these games on the late thrown int or td. His career of magnificent stats, still putting up 19, 14, 13 interceptions, that got his team nowhere but a low draft pick, was coached by a staff all those years who really praised this kids good looks, not good decisions and having a team better looking on paper than on the field.

It takes some longer to grow up, some till we are 40 years old. This is Tony’s growing year and by the time Garret gets done with this kid of 31 years of age. The Cowboys will have won at least one Super Bowl. The inconsistency will probably still be there from Tony, but the key is having the right coaching staff and players around him (T.O.). Let’s stop the drama for right now unless the Cowboys actually do tank the season, then we can talk about Andrew Luck earning his star on the helmet in next year’s training camp.

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