Elliot’s 411 Cafe

I walked over just before 2pm, they close at 2:30pm. I was trying to avoid a long line. There were three people in the cafe at the time. I tried the Thursday Chicken taco special. The owner had once said I should try that during an interview. There were two soft shell flour tacos; some rice and a hand full of corn chips covered in cheese sauce. It was served in one of those carry out foam boxes. There would have been more rice but they had run out at the end of the day so the friendly counter person substituted. On the side were jalapenos, sour cream and salsa. The owner offered people waiting in line free sodas.

I sat by the window that looked out over the pond and fountain patio below. The tacos toppings were fresh; I ate the corn chips and rice first. Tasty but not like the authentic Mexican rice or nacho chips I have had at other places. The tacos were fresh but I got a phone call before I could finish them. Later I moved to the outdoor patio and ate the remaining taco. The cost was $5.99 but I was still hungry.

The cafe is clean, new, and spacious with a high ceiling. As the name says it located in the 411 East Wisconsin building on the east side of the ground floor. You can find them on the web at 411elliotts.com. The outdoor patio has a pond and fountain in the center and metal tables and chairs. There were trees, plants and flowers around the pond. At the time of day I was there it was mostly shaded. The patio is around the side of the building and down a flight of stairs. There is a wall so you cannot be seen from the street. Almost makes one forget you are in downtown Milwaukee, almost.

If I worked in the 411 Wisconsin building this would be a convenient place to have lunch. The menu has deli sandwiches, subs, salads, wraps, bagels, soups, hot items and desserts. There is a beverage bar. You can get breakfast there too.

Maybe next time I would go early, if I am in the area, and would try the corned beef.

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