Emily VanCamp Ignite Fireworks on ABC’s Hot New Drama “Revenge”

Starring as the sweet and sexy Emily Thorne, Emily VanCamp is not only igniting fireworks on ABC’s Revenge, she is making quite an impression on new fans like me. In the style of the novel “Count of Monte Cristo,” Revenge is satisfyingly addictive. Fans cannot get enough of this hot new drama! Prior to Revenge, Emily VanCamp was foreign to me. Upon seeing her in the pilot episode; who is this girl, I thought? She doesn’t fit the part of wanting revenge! She’s too sweet and gentle; there is no way she can pull it off playing a girl who is full of hate and resentment. But right after the very intense pilot, I then knew why Ms. VanCamp was chosen to play Emily Thorne. Behind that sweet and innocent girl-next door face, there is fire in her eyes and iced water running through her veins. The desire for revenge is so intense that she can easily disregard her childhood friend Jack Porter (Nick Wechsler) and take down whoever is in her way. With a friendly face like Emily’s, no one in the Hamptons would ever know that she is cold and callous. This is why Revenge is highly intriguing.

Revenge is a story about Emily Thorne, formerly Amanda Clarke. She moves back to the Hamptons to extract revenge on those who caused her family’s downfall and ultimately her father’s death. As the saying goes “Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer.” That’s exactly what Emily Thorne is doing. She moved in next door to the Graysons, her father’s former friends and the very people who conspired against him and caused his imprisonment and his early death.

One of Ms. Thorne’s biggest nemeses is Victoria Grayson “Queen of the Hamptons” (Madeline Stowe). Victoria Grayson and her husband Conrad Grayson (Henry Czerny) are not only Hamptons most powerful and wealthy couple, they are Ms. Thorne’s biggest targets. But in order for her to achieve her vengeance, there are a few collateral damages in the process. The handsome Daniel Grayson (Joshua Bowman) is Victoria’s son. Ms. Thorne has already got her grasps on Daniel and is soon to be his bride. Week by week and one by one, Ms. Thorne takes down her enemies by ruining their lives. Emily then has the pleasure of crossing out their faces with blood red ink in her road map to her revenge. The box with the infinity sign (a sentimental sign between the love that she and her father shared) was left behind by her father. Not only does it serves as her weapon for revenge, it’s the one thing that holds her secrets. The infinity tattoo on her wrist is a reminder that revenge is sweet. The only person who knows her secret is Nolan Ross (Gabriel Mann), her father’s protégé and a computer genius who can hack his way into anyone’s computer. With the help from Nolan, Emily is unstoppable.

The pilot episode started off with a bang. Someone, presumably Daniel was killed on the night of their engagement party. What was supposed to be a grand party filled with Hampton’s wealthy socialites and the very privileged turned out to be filled with shrieks and chaos. Who exactly is the killer and who exactly died? Those are the questions that fans have been discussing on Revenge’s Facebook page. Perhaps it wasn’t Daniel at all? Could it be Tyler; Daniel’s sneaky and conniving college friend? And who is the killer? Surely not Emily! She’s not out to kill, she’s out to destroy. Perhaps Jack Porter pulled the trigger? These are burning questions that fans are waiting to be answered. Whether these questions are answered soon or later, I’m in no hurry at all. I’m happily enjoying my weekly dose of fireworks on Wednesday nights at 10/9 Central!

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