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It is said that when in Rome be a Roman. Learning a new language always helps one out in being savvy and comfortable at a new place. With time learning a new language has become quite a trend. For instance, the Spanish language has caught the interest of many in the recent times. The easiest thing would be to begin with translating English into Spanish. It is the first step that one can take up to learn Spanish.

There are various internet websites as well as books that assist and help in translating English to Spanish. Learning Spanish through English is a beautiful art. With all the assistance available today, it becomes much simpler to learn Spanish.

Spanish originated in Northern Iberia during the 9th century. It later spread across some parts of America, Africa as well as Asia Pacific. Gradually, learning Spanish as a foreign language has spread across the world now.

Since English is a universal language, it becomes very convenient to simply go through a dictionary that translates it to Spanish. English to Spanish picture dictionaries are also available which makes learning much easier. As the concept goes that ‘A picture speaks more than a thousand words’. There are various DVDs available as well that also contributes further in learning Spanish in a better way.

Another thing to be kept in mind is whether the language is being learnt correctly or not. At times, when someone translates a phrase to Spanish, its literal meaning might not match its actual meaning. In this way, any phrase translated from English to Spanish would not be the correct way of saying a particular phrase in Spanish. Therefore, to avoid such confusion one must make sure that he seeks guidance from someone who can correctly instruct him in translating the language. One can approach a translator or a tutor for the same. This will help in better learning of this dialect.

Few basic English to Spanish phrases that a beginner would learn are, Hello/Good Morning -Buenos dias , Goodbye – Adios , Please – Por favor , Thank you – Gracias , See you later – Hasta la vista. These are a few simple phrases that anyone keen to learn Spanish can easily translate from English to Spanish.

Learning a new language can be interesting and it depends on the learner as to how much he wants to learn. The initial stage is to learn the commonly used phrases which can be easily found online these days. A step higher would be learning longer sentences that can be communicated to a Spanish speaking mass. This can be made possible by going through various English to Spanish books and dictionaries to keep the grammar correct. Some learners might want to master in the Spanish language. This can be done with the help of a tutor and also by regular practice of English to Spanish DVDs.

If one has to deal with the Spanish language in his business or if someone wants to visit a place that consists of a Spanish speaking crowd, then it would help him a great deal in communicating, if he is well versed in the language. Learning Spanish can add weight to one’s CV as he knows another language all together which is indeed helpful today. A lot of places have a great demand for new languages as that connects the whole world together.

Therefore, with the ability of turning English to Spanish one can smoothly get to know the language better and enhance his skills. One needs to plan out on how to go about learning a new language and step by step climb the ladder to master it. After all in this journey of life one should learn all that he can and why not begin with a beautiful language called Spanish! Buen Viaje (Bon voyage).

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