Enigma II

Enigma continued…
(The oceans answer not, yet I hear many opposing answers,
And the package is so neatly wrapped, I begin to wonder,
If there is a God, what on earth shall we do with Him?
Enigma II
…The oceans answer not,
Yet, many believe a God DID walk among us.
He was named, Jesus, and His body was flesh and blood.
The sun warmed His skin, and when His throat was hot and dusty,
He drank cool water to slake His thirst. He experienced
All emotions – happiness, sadness…and His
Vulnerable flesh was capable of feeling
The full spectrum of pain. What did we DO with Him?
What would we do with Him today? I feel the wind rush past me,
And the tall grasses brush against me. I ask, God, are You there?
But the wind and the grasses answer not. Continued…

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