Ethical Challenges for College Students

Great idea! That was my reaction to an article I read by John Garvey, President of The Catholic University of America in Washington D.C. in which he states “the two most serious ethical challenges college students face are binge drinking and the culture of hooking up”. Mr. Garvey further announces that The Catholic University of America is going back to single sex dorms, beginning with next yerar’s freshman class. This is a refreshing idea. What are colleges thinking of anyway? I never could understand the practice of putting young students in the same dormitories on the same floor, in rooms next to each other (with very little, if any, supervision); or, as I have read recently, in some instances practicing gender blind housing. Unbelievable. Students will find a way, if they so wish, to “hook up” without any help from the colleges, I’m sure.

Probably most young students come from some sort of home life which is, at least, mildly restrictive and protective and are then turned loose in an environment in which they must answer to no one, and presented with opportunities to act in a pretty much uninhibited manner. It costs an awful lot of money to support your children in this life style.

After a while, the wanton behavior of binge drinking and free sex, I should think, would make the female feel used and degraded. Mr. Garvey further states “rates of depression reach 20% for young women
who have had two or more sex partners in the last year, almost double the rate for women who have had none. And, as we have always admonished our own children, sex on these terms is destructive of love and marriage”. Somewhere in the time period from many moons ago, romance and getting to know one another has become less and less of a factor, while sex gratification has become more prominent. And, of course, there is always the possibility of some form of venereal disease, which can happen, and who wants that! There’s also that risky chance of a pregnancy, and then what? So, wait, kids, wait. A true love is really worth waiting for – honestly.

I am 100% behind Mr. Garvey’s plan for same sex dorms. I think it starts freshmen off, ethically, in the right direction. Let’s see how this develops, and cheers for The Catholic University of America!

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