Eugene Elcik, Author of Fiction

“Desperation of Souls” Takes you on an exciting journey along the Maine coast where drama boils over and shocks the reader chapter after chapter. Imagine looking out a car window, one would think Ocean Bay, Maine to be a quiet, quaint little town. However, behind closed doors, turmoil erupts as Chris catches his stepfather forcing himself on his daughter. Follow Chris as he deals with his stepfather, falls in love with a woman from a wealthy, off-limits family, is seduced by a traitor, and is implicated in a murder. While roadblocks of many types are placed in his way, Chris keeps fighting, but will his efforts be all for naught?

“The Lobsterman of Deep Cove, Maine” They fish the dangerous waters in the Gulf of Maine, giving total vigilance to weather and the seasons. Lobstering is their only source of income. Trapping lobster is in their blood, a part of their genes, an inheritance from generations of hauling lobsters traps and deep-sea fishing. This story is about the adventures, dangers and passions that Tom Harpswell has experienced during his life of hauling lobsters. He knows the dangers that lurk with every trip out of Deep Cove. He has lost friends and family to the sea. In the back of his mind, he wonders if he will be next. Like many small Maine seacoast hamlets, the tribulations of life’s unexpected tragedies are graphically revealed.
Competition is immence amongst lobstermen. However, they band together, sometimes taking the law into their own hands during a lobster war, as protrayed in this novel. The explosive encounter these haulers have with lobster poachers reinforces the bond among the lobstermen of Deep Cove, Maine.

Coming soon: “Challenges” The challenging twist and turns of a romance between a handsome middle-class young man’s who desires a relationship of an affluent woman who places stumbling blocks for such a romantic connection. She becomes the target of a kidnapping with the kidnappers placing a high ransom for her safety. Her father, a famous Hollywood movie producer, would do anything to save his daughters life. and tries to discourage the relationship between his daughter and Rob, the protagonist. Conflict after conflict makes this a captivating story with surprising outcomes.
Other adventure, crime and romance books forthcoming soon. In the spring of 2012, look for “Shiloh, the Deception of a Cult” A fiction based on facts.

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