Europe’s Most High-Tech Hotel – Eccleston Square

Hotels don’t get more high-tech than Eccleston Square. From the outside it may be almost indistinguishable from the other elegant Georgian townhouses surrounding the well-groomed gardens, but step inside and you will be transported somewhere entirely different.

Eccleston Square has not been billed as Europe’s most high-tech hotel for nothing.

The rooms are equipped with just about every piece of technological wizardry you can think of.

There are LED TVs complete with complimentary 3D channels (and the accompanying glasses of course) as well as fingertip control pads for every possible function, from opening the curtains, to changing the channel on the TV.

The stylish marble bathrooms not only have a TV built into the heated, steam-proof mirrors and top of the range showers with high-pressure massage heads but also smart glass walls which preserve your modesty by turning opaque at the touch of the button.

And as if that wasn’t enough every room also has its own iPad2 which can manage every aspect of your stay from ordering room service to booking a Boris bike to explore the streets of London.

Even the beds are something special.

Billed as the “world’s best beds,” sourced from the acclaimed Swedish manufacturers HÃÆ’Ã’Ò¤stens and costing ÃƔÃ’Ò£12,000 they are far more than simply a place to sleep.

They are electronically adjustable at a touch and feature relaxing massage programmes that synchronize with the inspired HÃÆ’Ã’Ò¤sten’s Mind Spa TV while relaxation or fitness menus coordinate with massage, light and music sequences.

With their modern monochrome décor the reception and bar areas are sleek and chic, but still manage to retain some of the building’s original character.

There are just 39 rooms (there are five categories of room but no suites) so Eccleston Square never feels overwhelming. And despite all the technology the rooms still manage to feel cozy and welcoming.

On the border between Victoria and Belgravia the hotel is in an enviable location. Just around the corner from Victoria tube and bus station it is easily accessible, and some of London’s top attractions such as Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park and theatres are only a stone’s throw away.

Rooms at Eccleston Square start from ÃƔÃ’Ò£275 a night.

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