Ever Heard of Lunar Gardening?

Most everyone will know that there are four phases of the moon and may even know how it affects the tides. But how many people have ever heard of lunar gardening? The moon and its four phases have influence on many things and with the first two phases of the moon being called the waxing, this is the time of increased light and the last two phases of the moon are the waning or when there is a decreasing of the light. Lunar gardening has been used for centuries as our ancestors learned that there are phases of the moon when it is ideal to start your garden and plant the seeds.

As with the tides in the ocean, the different phases of the moon will also pull the water that is in the soil. During the phases of the new and full moon is when the moisture will be the highest in the soil as the moon pulls it towards the surface. This is the time to plant your garden seeds as the water content in the soil will get those seeds growing more quickly.The signs of the zodiac are also said to influence the growth of plants, people who use the lunar phases will most often also know when is the best time to plant. Most people may know their astrological sign but may not associate it with what their zodiac sign is meant to represent, the elements of fire, water, air or earth.

The zodiac signs associated with water is the time to start your seeds for annuals, with earth signs it is time to plant root crops. Flowers love the air sign of the Libra. As with the zodiac signs the moon too will tell you when to plant, the new moon is when to plant the crops that will have their seeds on the outside such as broccoli, spinach, lettuce and grain crops. The second phase of the moon is the time you will want to plant annuals that will grow above the ground with their seeds inside such as peas, beans, squash and tomatoes. The third phase of the moon is the best time for you to plant your root crops such as carrots, potatoes and onions. It is also a time to transplant your seedlings as root growth during this phase is very active.

The fourth phase of the moon is a good time to transplant, harvest or prune. Also another handy tip, if you cut your lawn during the first and second phases of the moon this promotes growth, if you would rather have a slower growing lawn cut it during the third and fourth phases of the moon. Lunar gardening is something that any avid gardener needs to try, for at least one season to see if the results are better than before, you may see a faster growth rate and a larger harvest.

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