Everlast Heavy Bag Stand Review

So, I just got a brand new Everlast heavy bag stand for my 80-pound Everlast heavy bag (appropriately enough), so I thought I would do a review. The exact model I have is the 4812 Single Station Stand, which seems to be similar to most of their other models, as far as I can tell. At the time of writing this, the going price for the stand is around $70.


The stand is very heavy and durable. It weighs just over 50 lb and is made of steel. I don’t see how someone could break this thing unless they were trying to, and maybe not even then. The stand is tall. It is adjustable up to 84 inches. For someone such as myself, who is almost 6 feet tall, this is definitely a perk. However, the stand is still short enough that it should fit in any size home, considering the average doorframe is about 7 feet high. The stand has three pegs for weight plats and hooks for securing the bottom of the bag. The stand supports any bag up to 100 lb. Like I said, I have an 80 lb and it handles it just fine. The stand takes up very little space. I only have a 650 square foot apt but I was able to fit this stand in it without it taking up way too much space.
The stand is very easy to setup. It took less than half an hour to assemble.

You have to add weights to the stand. No offense to anyone out there, but unless you’re very small or weak, you’re going to have to add some weight plates to the base of this stand. Otherwise, it’s going to move around or possibly tip over. Luckily, I already had a bunch of weight plates I haven’t been using. I have about 95-pound on it right now and that seems to be sufficient. However, I wouldn’t mind have 50 lb on each of the three pegs. The stand is noisy. It’s hard to explain, it just kind of makes a lot of noise; nothing specific, just squeaks and clicks and dings, mostly from the chain assembly and the bag occasionally banging against the stand. I don’t think this stand is good for developing a lot of power. I’m pretty certain that if I really threw all my weight into a strong elbow or kick, I would probably knock the stand over or at least knock it back/around. It’s great for jabbing, light kicking, and exercising, but I think if you really want to work on the power of your punches and/or kicks, you need a ceiling-mounted heavy bag that has a lot of room to swing. You’ll probably want to secure the base of the bag. Some people might view this as a pro or con. I’m listing it as a con, because like I said, you’ll probably have to secure it. The bag just doesn’t have a lot of room to swing and sway, so even if you’re not hitting it very hard, it only takes a short while for it to build up a lot of momentum.

Final Thoughts
All in all, I think this is a great stand, especially for the price. If you’re like me and you can’t hang your bag from your ceiling and you don’t want to hang it out doors, you really don’t have any other good options. I would definitely recommend the Everlast 4812 Single Station Heavy Bag Stand for anyone who wants to box at home for exercise or a hobby. If you’re a serious fighter, this stand is still something you might like to have, but you should also have access to a ceiling-mounted stand at a gym where you can really work on your power and not feel restricted.

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