Everyday Etiquette

Etiquette is in fact, a simple set of guidelines for everyone to use as a basis for living which may or may not be observed depending on how much one values politeness. Below is a list of some of the most common things that are prescribed by the dictates of society to avoid on a daily basis:

Nose picking in front of others – Besides being considered incredibly gross, picking your nose in front of others can also compromise others, especially when you absent mindedly wipe “the remains” on something that can be touched by them.

Fidgeting – If you can’t help but fidget, it is best to do it when no one is around. Fidgeting signals restlessness and it is very impolite, especially when done in a public occasion.

Butting-in on conversations – It is common sense to let others to finish their sentences before giving your own opinions. Unfortunately, it is an etiquette that is often not followed. Besides being extremely rude, cutting in to conversations is also considered extremely offensive by others.

Scratching parts of your body in public – If a part of you feels really itchy, it is considered polite to dismiss yourself and go somewhere private where you can do scratch yourself. Scratching is never polite in front of others as this demonstrates not only ill manners but also poor hygiene.

Farting when someone else can smell or hear your gas – Your body waste, regardless if it is gaseous, liquid, or solid, should be kept to yourself. This is why rest rooms were invented and why people do not find it amusing to watch (or hear) people do personal things, including gas passing. So try to be polite and keep the smell and the sound of your fart to yourself.

Taking off of shoes – Unless you are living in Japan or somewhere else where it is polite to take shoes off when entering a private home, it is best to just keep your shoes on, especially in a case where your feet might be smelly.

Ignoring your own bad breath – It is really a bad scene for people to have to be in the vicinity of someone with bad breath. So if you have a condition called halitosis, get help at your earliest convenience. If you are just someone who rushed through your morning without saying “hello” to your toothbrush, there are gums, patches and mouthwashes you can utilize to mask the uninviting smell of your breath.

Speaking constantly – Make it possible for others to speak for themselves, give their opinions. Apart from being a total bore, it is almost always annoying to talk to someone who does not let you talk back. Please do yourself and others a favor, and don’t monologue.

Touching others repeatedly during conversation – Don’t encroach upon another person’s personal space by touching any part of his or her body. Even in the case where he or she has already given you permission to touch a hand or shoulder, for example, it is best to refrain from doing so in a constant manner unless you are willing to talk to his or her lawyer.

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