Everyday Resistance –5 Ways to Reduce the Money Government Has to Spend

All too often, the money that the American government extracts from its citizens is used to harass, intimidate and otherwise abuse the populace. The United States leads the world in incarcerating its citizens. Increasingly invasive procedures are pressed upon those seeking to travel within the borders of the nation. Tax dollars are taken from hard working citizens to bail out banks against the will of the people. The list of wrongs against the people perpetrated by federal and state governments is greater than the list of grievances that led to the Revolutionary War.

We’ve watched the political process completely fail. It no longer addresses the needs or concerns of the people. However, that does not mean that we the people do not have the power to bring about change. In fact, making significant resistance a part of your everyday life can be easy and fun. Reducing the money given to the government as much as possible can make a real difference, particularly when those making a conscientious effort to do so encourage as many others as possible to join the effort. The more people that stop giving the government money, the more powerful this act becomes. Here are five simple ways to refuse to fund the government’s illegal wars and rampant betrayal of the Constitution and Bill of Rights:

1. Keep earnings below the Federal taxable income point. How much money do you really need? Everything in our lives could benefit from having more time. Our relationships would be better if we reduced the time we spend chasing dollars and chose instead to invest that time into enjoying our loved ones. Our health would be better if we had more time to prepare healthy meals and exercise. Our government would behave better if we had more time to pay attention to what it was doing and to demand that it respect the limitations clearly stated in our founding documents.

2. Reduce unnecessary retail purchase of goods. When you buy goods at stores, you pay sales tax. That sales tax is used to fund a multitude of unconstitutional actions against you. Furthermore, when you reduce the unnecessary purchase of goods, you make it easier to reduce the amount of income you need, making it easier to work fewer hours and keep taxable income as low as possible.

3. Learn to make, grow, prepare, maintain and repair as much of your own goods as possible. If you make or mend your own clothes, you don’t have to buy them and pay sales tax. If you grow your own and/or prepare your own food, that is less money you are spending, as well as fewer chemicals you are consuming. And, lowering your expenses is an important part of helping you to reduce the amount of federal income tax you pay to nothing.

4. Buy used goods from private citizens. You’ll save money and avoid sales tax. Shop garage sales, use Internet sites to locate or exchange used goods. Check local classified ads in newspapers. Network among friends and local groups, such as churches to find what you need. Another advantage – it’s environmentally friendly to recycle and reuse.

5. Make an effort to drive less. Plan trips and carpool. Support public transportation by using it. Improve your health by walking or biking. You’ll avoid taxes and reduce spending, depriving the government some of the funds it needs to continue its ongoing assault against your rights.

We can make a difference, one that really matters, by refusing to give the government any more than we absolutely have to in order to stay out of their already overflowing prisons. The more people that refuse to pay, the better off we’ll all be. Making resistance a part of your everyday life is as simple as thinking about your choices, and choosing to withdraw support from a government that flouts its limitations and refuses to acknowledge the fundamental rights of the people.

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