Evoke Family Happiness with Home Decor Color, Scents and Sights

You can evoke family happiness and harmony with the colors, scents and sights you select to use in home decor. Colors in a room set the mood for that room, pleasant scents induce positive moods, cheerful sights promote closeness and the sight of nature stirs up the caring side of human nature. Add all these elements into your home decor to evoke family happiness.

Enjoy Lively Dinner Conversation with Bright Patterns

The family dinner table is where we re-connect after a long day of separation, that is if we can get the family to sit down and open up at the evening meal. Decorate the dining table with bright patterns of color like stripes, checks or paisley prints to evoke lively dinner conversation with family members. Bright, busy patterns have been proven to boost alertness and make people feel more open and talkative.

Content with Pink

Give me, give me, give me. We hear that in some variation constantly from our kids. They always want more, or newer or what Susie down the street has and what ‘everybody’ else has. A few pops of pink in a room can change that mind set and evoke feelings of contentment with what they already have. The color pink calms the central nervous system and make us see things in a better light. Keep a few pink plates on hand to serve a grouchy child milk and cookies (with a side of contentment) on and a pink pillow to nap on.

Citrus Scent Makes Family More Cooperative

Need help to get the housework done or need the family to come together and pull together on some task? Spritz the air with a citrus scent to make it happen. The pleasant smell of citrus evokes a positive mood, and when family members are in a positive mood, they’re more likely to be helpful and cooperative.

Chose the Right Photos to Use in Home Decor

Black and white still life photos may be elegant, but they won’t evoke family closeness the way a cheerful, smiling face does. Chose photos of a favorite family vacation where everyone is happy and smiling to use in home decor. Photos of familiar, smiling faces cause the body to release oxytocin, the bonding hormone (which is released during a hug) and also gets the feel-good endorphins flowing in the body, both of which work evoke feelings of family closeness.

Nature Evokes Caring and Sharing

The sight of plants, trees, grass and flowers growing evoke feelings of caring and sharing among family members. Add a few houseplants, nature photos and/or landscape paintings to your home decor to help ward childhood spats and to help family members develop a more caring relationship with each other.

Source: Color Affects Mood

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